Dachshunds with unusual coats and coloring

Lil Peanut wearing goofy socks (Photo by Peterson Jenni)

Dachshund Saves Hunter's Life: "He came out of the forest like a rat on crack".

The inscription on the monument reads: “To all the small heroes with big hearts.”
The temperament and body language of a dachshund give the impression that they do not know or care about their relatively small size.

Anyone who has ever been owned by a dachshund can attest to the fact that they are indeed a brave, fearless and highly protective breed.

Artie the Dachshund Brings Comfort to the Elderly

Artie is all packed and ready for duty at the senior citizen's home
We never planned on having dogs. Now we have 2 dachshunds from a great breeder (Merlin and Spencer), and 1 rescue, Artie. After learning so much about the quirky and lovable breed from Merlin and Spencer, we were inspired to know more, and perhaps bring another dachsie into the home.