Artie the Dachshund Brings Comfort to the Elderly

Artie is all packed and ready for duty at the senior citizen's home
We never planned on having dogs. Now we have 2 dachshunds from a great breeder (Merlin and Spencer), and 1 rescue, Artie. After learning so much about the quirky and lovable breed from Merlin and Spencer, we were inspired to know more, and perhaps bring another dachsie into the home.

Through the Everyone Loves a Dachshund Facebook page, we discovered the Canadian Dachshund Rescue Ontario (CDRO).  Excited and intrigued, we checked out their website where we first met our Artie.

Under “available dogs” was a nervous 18 month old dachshund with big eyes, and a small frame in need of a good home.  We fell in love!  It took some nail biting time to get our application processed, interviews, and home inspections completed, but I was well worth it!  After Artie’s foster Mom’s approval, Artie came to live with us December 2011.

Initially Artie was high-strung, and LOUD – but at his core he was scared.  He would gulp his food, sometimes choking in haste.  He was very hand-shy and barked a lot. He backed up in fear from everyone, despite our best efforts to show him love and safety.  He tried to attach himself to Merlin and Spencer who were not interested in another pack member.

The CDRO supported us through this transition period and now, after guidance and a lot of patience, we have a wonderful family addition.  Artie has won us all over (including Merlin and Spencer) with his big heart (and eyes), and is now an integral part of the pack.

Artie is still occasionally hand-shy but no longer barks in panic and fear - he’s actually a pretty quiet little guy!  He slows down to eat and even takes the time to appreciate his surroundings; sometimes he looks right at me as if to say “I know, this bowl is for me and no one will take my food away.”  Artie has learned that his past is not his future and is thriving in his furever home.

Artie has blossomed into a fantastic ambassador for rescue dogs, doing his part on so many levels to let people see what a rescue dog can do!  Artie has spent time visiting a local senior’s home where his ‘great Grandma” resides. Artie allowed the residents to pet him and fawn over him, bringing smiles to otherwise lonely people.  He has embraced his position of grand-doggie to many in the home.  He senses emotional stress and is quick to curl up in great-Grandma’s lap for some therapeutic cuddles.

Artie also does events with the CDRO. He greets people, tail wagging, and helps them see how rewarding a rescue can be.  He’s involved in every part of how our family supports the rescue.  He waits in his spot just outside the kitchen while we bake dog treats and bake sale items for CDRO fundraisers. Artie attends the CDRO fundraiser events proudly sporting his ‘alumni’ bandana, which identifies him as a rescue success story.

He has even inspired a line of pet-safe and sensitive soaps developed by Strong Earth Soap Co.  He can often be found by their soap booth helping out. In return, Strong Earth Soap Co. donates a percentage of sales, silent auction baskets and more to the CDRO to help pay for vet bills.

With him at my feet, I create and sell Advent Calendars for dogs, donating all profits to the CDRO.

Artie is one story of many, with so many other dachshunds in need of a good home.  If you are interested in purchasing a Doggie Advent Calendar to support the CDRO (they can be customized to represent your pet), please PM Karen Van Abbema on Facebook.