Dachshunds with unusual coats and coloring

Lil Peanut wearing goofy socks (Photo by Peterson Jenni)

Piebald! Everybody thinks Roscoe is part spaniel and are surprised when I tell them he's full dachshund! (Photo by Rachelle Jerabek)

My beautiful boy, Stewart, was pretty unique. (Photo by Barbara Vasquez)
 My piebald dachshund Connor. He gets mistaken for a Beagle a lot. Because of his spots we usually just call him Moo (Photo by Amanda Knerr)
 My sweet piebald girl, Cuki! Love her to pieces! (Photo by Edit Waterman)
(Photo by Jenifer Powers)
 Silver dapple (Photo by Katherine Jeffcoat)
 Double dapple. (Photo by Les Baze)
My 2 girls n boy Annie, Oreo n Watson, he's my blind boy. Annie didn't like my new toy. (Photo by Roena Schilke)
 My Missy girl doing what she does best - sun bathing! And no, there isn't any beagle or hound blood in her at all! (Photo by Sarah Mayfield)
  My name is Oscar. Nice to meet you! (Photo by Sheri Culley)
 Please meet Miss Molly. I am a long-hair, pie-bald doxy girl (Photo by Sue Cox)
Everyone thinks our boy (blue and tan dapple) is old, but he's been camo since he was a pup. He is 9 years old. Our girl (red) is 11 years old. (Photo by Rebecca Moehling)
I had to argue with people when he was a puppy. They did not believe me when I said he was a dachshund. (Photo by Paige Cameron)
Photo by Maura Weidl-Giles
This is one of our girls Tori Hillman she is 8 now. (Photo by Jim Hillman)
My dapple babies!! (Photo by Janice Sharp Bilodeau)
 I have the piebald brothers from the same litter - Scooby Doo & Scrappy Too (Photo by Elizabeth Cole)
Loki has unusual coloring and a big head (photo by Joy Sterrantino)

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