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    The toy dachshund is not a recognized breed size, but rather a name used to describe doxies that weigh 8 pounds or less. Nevertheless, toy doxies are intelligent, independent, and playful dogs.


    Toy dachshunds have a fun, loving personality; they love human interaction and are quite sociable. Due to their small size, they are preferred as companions and not used for hunting. This does not mean however, that toy dachshunds do not have hunting capabilities. They are brave and will hunt anytime the opportunity arises.


    Toy dachshunds come in all three coat varieties; long-haired, smooth, and wired-haired. Coat colors include; tan, black, black and tan, red, and chocolate. These dogs are identical in appearance to the other dachshund sizes, except they’re much smaller.


    The long-haired, toy dachshund requires the most care. Daily brushing is necessary to avoid tangles and mats. Smooth-haired, toy dachshunds on the other hand, only need to be wiped down with a cloth once daily to keep the coat neat. Lastly, wire-haired, toy doxies should have their undercoat hand plucked at least two times per year.


    Toy dachshunds require firm training, as they can be stubborn. Punishment, yelling, or any other negative form of training should not be used in toy dachshunds. These dogs are sensitive and do not do well with this type of training. Positive reinforcement is always the best training method for dachshunds.


    Not much exercise is needed for toy dachshunds. A short walk is sufficient to keep them content for the day.

    Toy dachshunds are generally healthy dogs; however, you do have to be careful about which breeder you get your dog from.  Like with chihuahuas and other “toy” breeds, dachshunds that are bred to accomplish a single trait (such as small size) are more prone to developing genetic health problems.



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      I am the proud owner of one of these “toys” actually he is not the product of
      careful breeding. Simply put his father was extremely tiny and his mother a regular sized mini. There was another puppy almost as small as him in the litter can’t tell you how many times I wish I had bought him too. He is the sweetest ever the perfect lap puppy and my best friend. The dachshund growth chart I found online charts him at approx. 6 lbs. at one year. I couldn’t believe how tiny he was at 8 weeks when I bought him. He is a silver dapple with one blue eye and one brown eye. I am sure if bred he due to his heritage there would be larger pups. Not worried about puppies though just loving this guy.



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