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  • Do dachshunds shed?

    One thing many people wonder about dachshunds is whether they shed or not. The answer is yes; all three types of dachshund coats (wire-haired, smooth, and long-haired) shed, but some less than others.

    Did you know…that dachshunds have the capability of tracking scents that are up to a week old?

    Wire-haired Dachshunds

    Wire-haired dachshunds shed the least out of the three coats. One way to minimize the shedding even more is to hand-strip your dachshund; this will prevent the coat from becoming dull and losing its’ natural, wiry texture. By plucking your dachshund’s winter coat, you are also creating more space for the new coat to grow. Clipping a wire-haired dachshund’s coat can be tempting; however, it is not recommended. This only gets rid of the hair tips and leaves the entire undercoat intact, making shedding worse.

    Smooth-haired Dachshunds

    Some smooth-haired dachshunds shed moderately, while others shed a lot. The good thing about this type of coat is that it requires the least maintenance. Brushing a smooth-haired dachshund once a week should be sufficient to get rid of all the dead hairs in the coat. This will keep the dog’s coat shiny, neat, and reduce the amount of hair that falls out.

    Long-haired Dachshunds

    Some people believe that long-haired dachshunds shed considerably more than smooth-haired doxies, but that is not true. It may seem that this type of coat sheds more, but it is all because of the coat’s length. The longer the hair, the more obvious it is on your clothes, carpet, and furniture! Out of the different dachshund coats, the long-haired is the hardest to maintain, but it is also the most elegant.

    Tips to Help Reduce Shedding

    • Feed your dachshund a high-quality dog food. In many cases, altering a dog’s diet can help decrease shedding.

    • Daily brushing is necessary for dogs that shed. The more hair you remove with a brush, the less hair your home will be covered in.

    • Reduce stress; it is a natural response in dogs to start shedding when faced with a stressful or frightening situation.

    Shedding should definitely be considered before deciding whether a dachshund is the right dog for your family. Dogs that shed need a bit of extra care in order to keep them and your household clean. Although shedding in dachshunds can be a big problem for some people, the extra work is absolutely worth having a dachshund in your life.



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