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Dachshund leg problems

There are three main health conditions related to leg problems in dachshunds; patellar luxation, IVDD, and chondrodysplasia.

Did you know… that as time passed, dachshunds slowly became shorter?  It is known that earlier doxies had longer legs.

Patellar Luxation

Patellar luxation is a common health problem in small dogs, but can occur in any breed.  It occurs when the patella slips out of place, causing the leg to become locked.  Symptoms of the condition include; stopping suddenly while holding a leg up, yelping while active (running, jumping, etc.), stretching out a leg for a few minutes, and limping.  Causes of patellar luxation include; weakened patellar ligament, shallow trochlear groove, and damage of the cartilage near the knee.  Most dogs with the condition live a normal life, occasionally needing anti-inflammatory drugs and other medication.  In cases where the knee has worn down or become damaged, surgery may be necessary.

IVDD (intervertebral disk disease)

Intervertebral disk disease is caused by the degeneration of disks in the spine.  One of the main symptoms associated with the condition is leg problems.  Dachshunds suffering from IVDD will often have trouble walking or not be able to move their rear, front, or all four legs.  IVDD is a serious health condition that can lead to paralysis.  If your doxy displays signs of leg problems, take him to the vet. as soon as possible.


Chondrodysplasia is a genetic disorder dachshunds are predisposed to.  The condition is characterized by leg deformities such as unusual shape of the limbs and bowed legs.  Dachshunds with chondrodysplasia also have a higher risk of developing other conditions including deafness and dwarfism.  Dogs with a mild form of the disorder do not usually feel discomfort or pain, but more severe cases of the condition can be painful and may require orthopedic surgery.  It is important to get dachshunds tested for the disease before breeding, as chondrodysplasia is passed on when both parents are carriers.

Delaying a visit to the vet. or ignoring leg problems in your dachshund can lead to permanent damage.    Getting veterinary help at the first sign of leg problems will allow you to provide the best treatment possible for your beloved canine friend.




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